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Do I Still Have Time?

January 09, 2017

Do I still have time to lose another inch on my waistline for coming Chinese New Year? We have another 2.5 weeks to go and I am pressured to trim my waistline further to fit nicely in my new cheongsam. Well, I guess I have to keep hooping!  Here's a picture of my 4th child. My previous blog post was 2.5 years ago. My pregnancy journey with baby Kristen was a rough one. Having said that, being the mummy to my 4 beautiful kids is one of my greatest joy.We have new value packs to help expedite tummy trimming. Check out our Tummy-Trim Packs that comes with with Slimming Waistband at 50% OFF! This is no ordinary waistband, it comes with special natural minerals... Continue Reading →