Complete Pack

Complete Pack is a great package to start your waistline-trimming-abs-flattening-and-toned arms-goal!
If you are new to hula hooping, start hula hooping with Unique Massage Hoop (1.1kg, 100cm). When you are ready to up hooping workout, Wavy Massage Hoop 1.5kg will come in handy in this set. 
It is best to include arm hooping in every of your hooping workout. You will be surprised to see total body toning from top-down very soon!

This package includes:
1) Arm Hoops (u.p. S$39.90)
2) Unique Massage Hoop, 1.2kg (u.p. S$55.90)
3) Wavy Foam Hoop, 1.5kg (u.p. S$59.90)
4) Slimming Waistband (u.p. $29.90)


Total price : S$148.50 after 20% Discount (u.p. S$185.60)

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