Smooth Adjustable Weight

  • Size : 100cm diameter
    Weight : 3.3lbs-5.3lbs (1.50kg - 2.40kg)
    Recommendation : Beginner - Advanced users

    Smooth Adjustable Weight hula hoop provides smooth hula hooping experience. 
    This package consists of
    ~ 3 parts of orange,
    ~ 3 parts of grey and
    ~ 6 irons rods (additional weight to  increase intensity). Each iron rod weighs at 150g. These rods can be inserted into every part of the hula hoop to provide various hula hoop weight from 3.3lbs-5.3lbs.


    Beginner: Assemble hula hoop without any iron rods. The hula hoop without iron rod is weighing at 1.50kg (3.3lbs).

    Intermediate: Insert 3 iron rods evenly distributed around the hula hoop. With 3 iron rods inserted evenly will give total hula hoop weight of 1.95kg (4.3lbs).

    Advanced: Insert all iron rods into each part of hula hoop. This gives total hula hoop weight of 2.40kg (5.3lbs).

    *Please note that the stainless steel weight is slightly oxidized. You may scrub it away. Hence, this model is at discounted price.
    *No return or refund after purchase for this model


  • This is a great hoop for it grows according to your fitness level. It allows user to adjust the weight of hula hoop based on individual fitness level without purchasing new fixed weighted hoop. 

    This is the one hoop that you will use for a long time.

  • This hula hoop is suitable for beginners to advanced level. User can adjust the weight according to individual's fitness level.

    Hula hoop without iron rods inserted weighs at 1.50kg (3.3lbs).

    Maximum weight is 2.40kg (5.3lbs).

    hulahoop levels


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