Smooth Foam 1.1kg (Warehouse Clearance)

  • Size : 100cm diameter
    Weight : 1.1kg (2.43lbs)
    Recommendation : Beginner  

    Smooth Foam 1.1kg hula hoop has smooth surface that provides a smooth hula hooping experience. It is suitable for adult who prefers moderate hooping speed. If you prefer faster twirling speed, a smaller diameter hula hoop (e.g. 90cm) will be a better choice.

    This package consists of
    ~ 3 parts of grey or blue,
    ~ 3 parts of red
    * actual hoop's colour differs from the web, colour is delivered to you based on availability
    * The tube is slightly smaller compared to Smooth Adjustable Weight hula hoops. 

  • This hoop provides a smooth hooping workout for you. You won't go wrong with this hula hoop if you would like an exercise equipment that focuses on your waistline and abs.
    You may try dancing with this hula hoop.

  • This hula hoop is suitable for beginners. 

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