Tummy-Trim Pack 2

Tummy-Trim Pack 2 is suitable for new hula hoop user. This pack includes a hula hoop weighing 1.1kg-1.2kg and a Slimming Waistband at 50% off!. 
Slimming Waistband is surrounded with natural minerals that encourage blood circulation and help in fats burning. The material is breathable and suitable to wear for long hours. You may wear this waistband during hula hoop workout or after your exercise regime.

Tummy-Trim Pack 2 includes  

1) 1 unit of Wavy Foam 1.2kg (L) / Smooth Foam 1.1kg (u.p SGD49.90)
2) 1 unit Slimming Waistband (u.p SGD29.90) 
*M size fits waist up to 39 inch
*L size fits waist up to 47 inch

TOTAL PRICE : SGD64.85 (U.P SGD79.80)

*Purchase-With-Purchase (only for online purchase)

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