Wavy Foam 1.2kg (L)

  • Size : 100cm diameter
    Weight : 1.20 kg (2.6lbs)
    Recommendation : Beginner (for adults), Intermediate (Teenagers)

    Wavy Foam 1.2kg hula hoop has unique wavy design that provides some massaging effect during your hula hoop workout. The inner waves around the hoop creates a slightly deeper indent on your torso as you twirl, this creating the massaging effects.

    It is suitable for adults who prefer moderate twirling speed during hula hooping workout.
    If you are taller than 160cm, this hula hoop model will spin in moderate speed. If you prefer faster twirls, a smaller diameter hula hoop will be a better choice [Wavy Foam 1.2kg (M)].

    This package consists of 
    ~ 3 parts of blue,  
    ~ 3 parts of red 
    * hoop's colour may differ from the web. Hula hoop colour is based on availability
    * The tube is slightly smaller compared to Wavy Adjustable Weight hula hoops. 

     *Purchase-With-Purchase (only for online purchase)

    Every purchase from our website entitles you to one of the following items at very special price. 

    1) Massage Balls at SGD15.90 (u.p SGD29.90) 
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  • This is a smaller hula hoop with diameter of 100cm. Twirling speed is moderate. This hula hoop is suitable for beginners (adults).

  • This is also recommended for adults (beginners) and teenagers (intermediate user).

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