Wavy Foam 1.5kg (100 cm) - FREE Slimming WaistBand worth $29.90

  • Size : 100cm diameter ~ Adjustable size by reducing hoop part
    Weight : 1.50 kg (3.3lbs) ~ Adjustable weight by reducing hoop part
    Recommendation : Beginner to Advanced

    Wavy Foam 1.5kg (100 cm) hula hoop has distinctive wavy design that provides massaging effect during your hula hoop workout. The inner waves around the hoop creates a slightly deeper indent on your torso as you twirl, thus creating the massaging effects.

    It is suitable for adults who prefer moderate twirling speed during hula hooping workout. 

    This package consists of 
    ~ 4 parts of grey
    ~ 4 parts of orange 
    * Hoop is 100cm in diameter, which is a standard size for adult. To make hoop smaller and lighter, attach 7 parts instead of 8 parts.

    *Free Slimming Waistband worth $29.90 will be shipped together with hoop.

  • This is a wonderful hoop for anyone who needs an exercise equipment to focus on waistline and tummy area. 
    Heavier hoop will help muscle toning around your torso. However, we strongly encourage new user to start with our Unique Massage Hoop 1.1kg.

    If you would like to spin hoop faster, you may reduce one part by attaching only 7 parts instead of 8 parts. Smaller hoop spins faster and you will need more energy to keep the hoop twirling. It's great when you dance along with it.

  • This is also recommended for adults; beginners to advanced. 
    Start hooping with all 8 parts attached together to make 100cm diameter. Over time, reduce a part to make hoop smaller. This will make twirling faster around the waist and you will definitely need more energy to keep the hoop spinning. 
    Have fun! 

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