WH003 Magnetic Hoop 1.7kg - Sample Unit

  • Size : 110cm in diameter 
    Weight : 1.7kg (3.74lbs) 
    Recommendation : Advanced users 

    WH003 Magnetic Hoop 1.7kg is suitable for advanced level users. WH003 is surrounded with HUGE massaging balls at the inner hoop that touches your body. Each huge massaging ball has small round protrusion forming a circle to enhance massaging effect. There's also magnet in every massage ball to help improve blood circulation. Hula hooping with WH003 gives you very good massage on your lower back, waistline and tummy.  This magnetic hoop consists of 8 parts; all purple in colour.

  • Other than trimming your waistline, you will get to enjoy a good massage after a long day of hard work.
    Magnetic bumps help increase blood circulation as you twirl.

  • WH003 is suitable for advanced level user. 

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