Fats Burning Waistband (Size: M, L)

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Improves Blood Circulation 

Increase Metabolism

Burn Away Excess Fats 


Wearing a waistband during hula hooping will reduce the hoop's impact on your torso. It will give you an encouraging start for your hooping exercise. 

This waistband comes with additional health properties to boost up slimming. It is made from Bamboo Charcoal material, where it helps sweat absorption and increases blood circulation during workouts. The material is breathable and makes your workout pleasant. This waistband also lined with tourmaline , a natural properties to help improve blood circulation, that further help in slimming and toning effects on your torso. 

What's great about this waistband? 

  1. It is made from high quality and breathable material, which is suitable for exercising. You can even wear for long hours without feeling uneasy with it.
  2. Waistband is made from Bamboo Charcoal Fibers. This element increases negative ions*, slow down aging and speed up blood circulation. 
  3. It has ceramic dots with tourmaline*. These elements help in slimming your tummy and waistline, even when you are NOT working out.
    These ceramic dots makes this waistband very  effective in your tummy trimming plan.

  4. It is highly stretchable!
    ~ M size fits user with waist from 25 inch to 39 inch. (M size comes in grey color only)
    ~ L size fits user with waist up to 47 inch. (L size comes in black color only)

  5. The waistband fits nicely on your torso and you can still perform daily activities comfortably. 

What our customers say about our Slimming Waistband

Doris, Singapore : "Very effective in slimming and gives good support to my back".
Sally Yat, Malaysia: "I wore for 2 days, my pants is slightly loose already".
Mdm Chong, Malaysia : "My tummy layers are not so obvious after wearing for a week". 


How to wear:

The ceramic dots should be touching your skin.  

Slimming Waistband (Size: M, L)


How to care for the waistband :

Wash with mild soap and NO direct sun light. 


Note: Some users may feel painful when you start hula hooping. Wearing thick clothes will help. Wearing a waistband definitely helps too!

* Negative ions means negative oxygen ion which acts like "vitamins in the air". Negative ions mainly found in waterfalls or int he forest. It has functions to dissipate body fatique, increase blood circulation, promote metabolism and it's antibacterial. 

*Tourmaline is a natural gem that helps release of negative ions.

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