For those looking to build up abdominal core and strengthening other muscles that run along your body, hula hooping is your next best option to losing weight, and staying in shape.

1)      How to choose a suitable hula hoop?
2)      When do I see a result with hooping exercise?
3)      Who is suitable to use hula hoop?
4)      Is heavier hula hoop better than lighter ones?
5)      How to care for my hula hoop?
6)      How long can a hula hoop last?
7)      When should I increase the hula hoop weight?
8)      I am new to hula hooping. How do I hula hoop?
9)      Which hula hoop is suitable for beginners?
10)    Which weighted hoop slims down belly faster?
11)    Do you have a shop for customers to try the hoops?
12)    What is the difference between "Foam" and "Magnetic" hoops?
13)    Why does my hoop came off during hula hooping?
14)    How to fix magnetic bumps that came off?
15)    Why is my PayPal address showing "unconfirmed" status?
16)    How do I earn cash back for my purchase with my hoop order?

1.      How to choose a suitable hula hoop?
The rule of thumb of the size of hoop for you is: when placing the hula hoop on floor, the length of the hula hoop diameter should be between your chest and navel. If you are a beginner, choose a lighter weight. You may increase the weight as you are comfortable with the lighter ones. Slowly increase the weight to intensify workout for better results. 

The rotation will be slower for bigger and heavier hula hoops. The smaller and lighter the hoop is, the rotation will be quicker. For beginners, the larger hula hoop is recommended. This allows you to work on the twirling movements precisely and slowly.  Our hula hoops are around 40 inches in diameter, they are suitable for most adults. 

2.        When do I see slimming result with hooping exercise? 
Any form of regular exercise will benefit your health and helps in losing weight. For a beginner, try hooping for 5 minutes per day for a week. Slowly increase to 10, 15 then 30 minutes workout session. Your consistency will definitely pay off well! 

You will feel difference in your stamina and also your flexibility after you start hooping. Try to maintain healthy diet to see faster and prominent slimming result. 

3.       Who is suitable to use hula hoop?
Hula hoop is a low impact anaerobic exercise. It is suitable for anyone, regardless of age and gender. Do practice caution in your selection of the type of hula hoop. If you have existing medical problems on your back, kindly seek advice from your doctor before hula hooping. Hula hoop exercise is not suitable for pregnant ladies as well. 

4.       Is heavier hula hoop better than lighter ones?
Heavier hula hoop swings slower around your body, but it required stronger resistance to spin the hoop. For beginners, it is advisable to use lighter hoop to work on your flexibility. As you are used to the lighter hoop, get a slightly heavier hoop to increase resistance to increase fitness level. 

5.      How to care for my hula hoop?
The best way to store the hoops is to place it flat on the floor. The hula hoops we offer are storage friendly, where you can dismantle it and store it in the box. It is portable and free to bring to the park or gym for a good workout. It fits compactly in your luggage for your travels too. 

6.       How long can a hula hoop last?
Hula hoop can last a life time if proper care is taken. Keep your hoop clean and store in place without damaging it's shape. The best way is to place hula hoop horizontally on the floor.

7.      When should I increase the hula hoop weight?
Please start with a lighter weight hoop for a start. Exercise with lighter hula hoop for a week to two weeks. Slowly increase duration over time. When your abdominal muscles can handle the the lighter weight easily, you may try to  increase a slightly heavier hula hoop to increase workout intensity.  

8.      I am new to hula hooping. How do I hula hoop?
Here’s a simple 1-2-3 step for an enjoyable “hooping” time!
1.      Place one leg in front for balancing and hula hoop behind your back. 
2.      Give a swing (left or right) to your hoop with your hands. 
3.      Move your waist to the opposite direction of the hoop. 
Tips: You may want to rotate your legs and hoop twirling side (clockwise and anti-clockwise). This helps increase flexibility and tone muscles evenly. 
Here are some videos for your reference.

9.      Which hula hoop is suitable for beginners?
We always recommend lighter hula hoops for beginners. This allows you to build your core muscles gradually without injuring them. It is the same concept with weight lifting. Always start with lighter dumbbells, increase weights when your biceps and triceps are stronger. Lighter hula hoops are from 1kg.

10.    Which weighted hoop slims down belly faster?
There's no short-cuts to trim tummy other than consistency, frequency and healthy diet. We provide varieties of hoops for customer's preference. Some may like it hula hoops with bumps for intensive massaging effects during hooping. While some prefers softer hoop landing on the tummy. 

Users with "flabby" or "fleshier" tummies will find hula hoops with bumps more enjoyable.Trimmer tummies or muscular abs will enjoy hooping with foam hoops. 

11.    Do you have a shop for customers to try the hoops?
www.HulaHoopSingapore.com operates online. I am afraid we no longer display our hoops in a physical shop. Feel free to email me at maylim@hulahoopsingapore.com or whatsapp at +6598526430 if you have any questions about our products.   

12.    What is the difference between "Foam" and "Unique Massage" hoops?
The difference are in size, material and massaging effect. 
Wavy Foam hoop and Unique Massage hoop's diameter is 100cm. 

Wavy Foam hoops are surrounded by high quality foam.
Unique Massage hoop is made from PE pipes material with special wave designs that gives intense massaging effect. 

Massaging effect:
Wavy Foam hoops landing on your torso as you hoop is gentler. The wavy design provides gentle massaging effect during hula hooping. 
Unique Massage has special wavy designs at the inner hoop that touches your body. This enhances massaging effect on your torso as you hoop. For a good massage on your lower back, try magnetic hoops. 

13.    Will my hoop came off during hula hooping?
Some hoops come in 8 parts. All parts of the hoops should latch properly before you start hooping. When attaching 2 parts together, make sure you hear a "click" before you start hooping. Fail to do so, your hoop will be unlatched and it may hit on things along the way. Be careful.