How to Hula Hoop?

Many adults say they can't hoop. Most likely you got yourself the wrong hoop. Hula hoops in toy stores are way too light and small for an adult.
First, get a weighted adult hoop. Then, learn these 2 ways of hooping. Tried and tested methods with many of our customers. They got it within 3 minutes!

Style 1 Steps:

1. Stand firmly with legs shoulder width apart.
2. Give hoop a push and start moving body left-right-left-right.
3. Repeat step 2 with hoop twirling clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Style 2 Steps:

1. Place one leg in front.
2. Give hoop a push and start bending your front leg, up-down-up-down.
3. Switch leg and repeat step 2.
4. Remember to twirl clock wise and anti-clockwise to increase versatility and agility.

Congratulations! You can now hoop!

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