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May Lim

Thank you for finding Hula Hoop Singapore. You are definitely on the right page to learn the easy way to trim your "less than ideal" waistline.... anytime & anywhere

This website was brought to live in July 2012. It all started with my life-long journey to combat unflattering waistline! When I first found out about hula hoops and its creative evolution into fitness purposes, I was thrilled and motivated to give it a try. It was difficult to look for hula hoops in Singapore (other than in toys shop). I believe many will face the same difficulty in securing one.

Hence, HulaHoopSingapore.com was created to reach out to those who look for easyfun and convenient way to work-out the abs and waistlines. I have imported many different types of hula hoops directly from manufacturers. They vary in features, designs and brands. The ones you find in HulaHoopSingapore.com are the best in the batch. These hula hoops are personally hand-picked and make them available for you. I would really love to hear about your hula hooping experiences. I will be very happy to post them in this website as a platform of encouragement for fellow hula hoopers.

Please join HulaHoopSingapore Facebook to keep up our excitement for hula hooping. I welcome suggestions and ideas to improve this website for all hula hoop enthusiasts.  I hope you will enjoy this website and find it useful for your quest to a healthier, trimmer and sexier you!

May Lim
30th Nov 2012

We were featured in Lianhe Wanbao in year 2012.

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