Hooping Benefits

Hooping Benefits
1.      Great Fat Blaster
Hula hooping is a great aerobic exercise. Consistent twirling with hula hoop requires reasonable efforts from your torso. Significant amount of energy is required during hooping; hence it forces body to burn fat deposits in your abs and waist area. Try extending your hopping session to maximize fat burning. 

Note: If you are beginner, start hooping for 3-5 minutes until you are comfortable to workout longer.

2.      Helps Tone Abs
Hula hooping works out most of your core muscles; thighs, hips, legs and abdomen. Heavier hula hoops will increase resistance to these muscles and will intensify workout. Our massage hoops helps break up fat stores around abdomen area. 

3.      Trimmer Waistline
Massage projections on the hoops help to break down fat deposits. Magnets are placed around the hula hoops to promote better blood circulation around your torso. Our hula hoops come in different weights. Substantial effort is needed to do hula hoop, hence the weights in the hula hoop is a good way to burn fats.

4.      Increase Fitness Levels
Hula hooping is low impact aerobic exercise. This form of exercise is suitable for almost anyone of all ages and fitness level.

Caution: Please do not use hula hoop when you are pregnant or due to other medical condition. You may want to seek your doctor's advice before proceeding with this form of exercise.

5.      Improves Flexibility, Coordination and Balance
Weighted hula hoops will improve the spine or discs flexibility because the rotating motion. You can prevent from experiencing back problems or injuries. You will find it increasingly helpful when doing heavy chores, and other workout routines.

6.      Easy & Fun Weight Lose Tool
Hula hooping is an easy and fun way to lose unwanted kilos. Swinging hoop for 10 minutes, you can feel your body warm up and sweating. Switch on your best workout music or tv channel for a great hula hoop workout.

7.      Increase blood circulation
Hula hoop exercises work up your torso muscles, and keep you fit by boosting your energy levels through getting your heart rate up. Hence, increase blood circulation. Any form of exercise helps with blood circulation. If you are looking for a fun and easy way to exercise at the comfort of your home or nearby park, hula hoop is definitely a great choice not to be missed! 

8.      Improve digestion
As you twirl, it massages around abdomen area regulates bowel movement. Therefore, it helps to improve digestion.

Turn on your best music track or TV Channel, 
Have a great Hoooolaa hoop work-out!!! 
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