Arm Hoops

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  • Size : 33 diameter
    Weight : 260g/hoop
    Colour : 2 units of Pink or 2 units of Blue
    Recommendation : From Beginner - Advanced users

    Arm Hoops are great substitute for dumbbells. They are good in tightening and toning your "wings". Twirling them with just half minute, you will feel the burning sensation around the upper back, the whole upper arms and shoulder. Soon, you will be able to look super attractive in your sleeveless tops!
    How to use: 
    - Stand firmly with feet shoulder width apart.
    - Stretch out arms straight forming "+" .
    - Place arm hoop at the wrist area, and start twirling at the wrist area. 
    - Lean your body slightly forward to give better coordination during arm hoop exercise. 
    - Rotate clock-wise and anti-clockwise to balance out muscle tone. 
    *If you are new to arm hooping, try twirling using 1 hand first to get use to rotating the hoop around your wrist.

  • Sculpt your shoulder, upper back and toning of upper arms. They help improve arm strength too. 
    This is fantastic alternative to lifting weights.

  • Arms hoops is suitable for everyone who wants a more defined and toned arms. Intensity depends on twirling duration on your arms.


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