Unique Massage Hoop (Adjustable Weight & Size)

  • Size : 100cm diameter 
    Weight : 1.1kg (when connect all 8 parts)
    Recommendation : Beginner to advanced

    Specially designed wavy hoop. The hoop can be detached with just simple click-system.
    It's made of high tech plastic materials, strong and durable.
    They are very comfortable to hoop with and you get to enjoy great massage on your waistline.

    The size of the hoop determines twirling speed. When a hoop is smaller (eventhough lighter), you need more stamina to keep the hoop rotating around your torso. This hoop will grow according to your hooping level. 

    For beginners, please connect all 8 parts to make 100cm in diameter and weight at 1.1kg. The size of the hoop will make twirling just nice for an adult. The weight is good start for beginner too. 

    When you are better with hula hooping, reduce ONE part of the hoop to make the hoop smaller. The twirling speed will be faster. You will need to strength to keep the hoop twirling. Your heartbeat rate will increase significantly, hence will burn more fats. 

    You may share this hoop with your younger ones at home. Connecting 6 parts will make hoop a lot smaller for children. 

    This is really a great hula hoop for your whole family!


  • This is a super effective exercise equipment to trim your waistline. 

  • This hoop is suitable for every levels. It is best recommended for new users. Advanced users can still use this hoop, intensity depends on workout duration and twirling speed. 


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