Hooping Tips

Hula hoop exercise doesn’t only twirl the hoop around your torso. Be creative in your workout and inject some creative moves. We would like to share with you some hula hooping moves to make your workout interesting and also to maximize your workout session!

(Please share with us if you have any other innovative and creative moves. Email us at contactus@hulahoopsingapore.com)

Hooping Beginners
If you are new to hula hooping, you are prone to get some bruises (or blue black) on your torso area. This is perfectly normal because this area is rarely worked on. These bruises will usually go within a week or so, depending on individual. 
Tips: To reduce impact of acupressure on your abdomen, wear thicker clothes during hula hooping.

Please read our blog on how to choose a suitable hoop for yourself, http://hulahoopsingapore.com/blogs/news/16271683-too-many-hoops-confusing

Enjoy TV session with Hula Hoop
Instead of slouching on sofa with a bowl of chips while watching your favourite tv channels, have a good hooping session instead!

Hooping Warm-ups
It is advisable to warm up your body with any workouts. Since you are holding hoop, warm up with it. 
1.    Hold hoop with both hands, above your head. 
2.    Bend waist to the left and right, with head looking straight. 
3.    Twist your waist to the left and right.

Twirl different sides
To even out muscles on both sides of your waist, rotate each sides every 2-5 minutes (clockwise and anti-clockwise). 

Hooping with different weights in 1 workout session
Before you begin your hooping exercise, start with a lighter weight hula hoop to warm up. Then, move on to heavier hula hoop to build resistance in your torso muscles. Just like weight lifting, when your muscles around your abdomen are ready for heavier hoop, it's advisable to increase weight to increase fitness level. During the final 3 minutes of your workout, twirl with the lighter hula hoop as warm down. [Read more at blog page, http://hulahoopsingapore.com/blogs/news/15443287-hula-hooping-with-different-weights-in-1-workout-session]

Workout your hands while hooping
Work your arms while hula hooping. With or without weight, do bicep curls and triceps curls.
If you do not have dumbbells, try carrying two 500ml water bottles. They will do the trick!

Don’t stand still, take baby steps while hooping
1.    Take small steps to the left and right. Count 1, 2, 3, 4 (to the right) and 4, 3, 2 1 (to the left). 
2.    Take small steps forward and backward. Count 1, 2, 3, 4 (to the right) and 4, 3, 2 1 (to the left).

Last but not least…
Please practice caution while using hula hoop!
Hula hoop is not suitable for pregnant ladies, aged person and anyone with back problem. 
Please consult your doctor about your intention to exercise with hula hoop if you have existing back problem.

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