What is Core Muscles

Core MusclesHula hoop is definitely an excellent choice of exercise tool to help build up your core muscles. Do you know your core muscles enable you to stand and sit upright; bend forward and backward; move from side to side as well as rotate? You core comprises of your abs, lower back and hips. A well-defined abs is an obvious and outward sign of a healthy and attractive body. Therefore, working on your midsection- definitely makes you look better and you work better!

Regular hula hooping provides you a healthy cardiovascular workout, shed excess fats from the stomach and to tone up the core muscles. Studies have shown hula hooping increases heart beat rate and can burn up to 200 calories in a 30 minutes hula hoop workout. It is as good as jogging in the park for the same duration. Read more about them in Reading Pleasures and be encouraged on the positive effects of regular hula hooping. Share with friends via WhatsApp!