January 23, 2013

Hula Hooping with Different Weights in 1 Workout Session

Do you know working out with different hula hoop weights and textures makes workout more interesting? 
Here are some workout tips:

Warm up (3 minutes): 

1)      Do some stretches on your legs, hands and waist. 
2)      Start with lighter hula hoop (e.g. WH001 Wavy Foam Hoop, 1.2kg).
3)      Twirl hoop from left for 1.5 minutes.
4)      Twirl hoop from right for 1.5 minutes. 

Workout (5 minutes):
5)      Switch to heavier hula hoop (e.g WH002 Magnetic Hoop, 1.45kg)
6)      Twirl hoop to the left for 1.25 minutes.
7)      Twirl hoop to the right for 1.25 minutes
8)      Repeat step 6 & 7. 

Warm down (3 minutes):
9)      Switch back to lighter hula hoop to warm down.
10)  Repeat step 3 & 4. 

There you go, you have completed 11 minutes hula hoop workout session. 
Well done!

Be creative with hula hoop weight combinations, depending on your core muscles strength. As for myself, I like working out first with WH002 Magnetic Hoop 1.45kg, then move to WH020 Wavy Foam Hoop 1.8kg. Finally, warm down with WH005 Magnetic Hoop 1.1kg

Here are some are some weight combinations you would like to try:
1)      WH005 Magnetic Hoop 1.1kg >> WH001 >> Wavy Foam Hoop 1.2kg >> WH005 Magnetic Hoop 1.1kg
2)      WH001 Wavy Foam Hoop 1.2kg >> WH002 Magnetic Hoop 1.45kg >> WH001 Wavy Foam Hoop 1.2kg
3)      WH002 Magnetic Hoop 1.45kg >> WH020 Wavy Foam Hoop 1.8kg >> WH005 Magnetic Hoop 1.1kg (my favorite combination that ends with great massage!)
4)      Create one yourself (*smile).