New videos on how to hoop.
March 19, 2019

New videos on how to hoop.

How to hula hoop video takingI have finally uploaded videos on how to do hula hoop. It was 12pm in the noon, under scorching hot sun! That's the best wefie during this video and photoshoot. 
I have many customers telling me how worried they are for not being able to hoop. 
First, you have to get yourself an adult fitness hoop. Those selling in toys shops remain as toys. Our hoops are purely for fitness purposes. 
By far, hula hoop is the best exercise equipment for our waistline and abs. Get hold of one to diversify your workout. 

Here are the videos on how to hoop. 

1) How to hoop with both legs standing shoulder width apart.
2) How to hoop with one leg in front
3) How to use Arm Hoops to firm up your upper back and shoulders. 
4) See muscle movements with Arm Hoops!


Happy hooping!