November 23, 2017

Black Friday Sale, Grab your Hoops Now at Incredible Price! 

Black Friday is coming in less than 2 hours. 
When the clock strikes 12:01am , 24th November. All our items will be at 50% off (except value packs).

What so special about our hoops? I am proud to boast that our hoop's quality is superb! They are strictly for fitness purpose. These hoops are weighted and adults will find it extremely easy to pick-up hooping skills. Trust me, don't worry if you haven't tried hooping before this. Get one and start hooping. You will be happy you did.
To add on, our hoop materials are environmental friendly.

Our hoops will be at 50% off on Black Friday. It's really great deal. You will never ever ever find this deal ever again! I assure you, these hoops will never ever be at 50% off ever again after 24th November. Grab one now!