July 16, 2014

Lotsa Catch Up To Do!

Hi again! 

It didn’t occur to me that I haven’t been writing on this blog… UNTIL I received an email from a hula hoop enthusiast. I felt the pinch when she referred to my blog dated in 2013 (seems so long). So, looks like we have some catch up to do here. I wish I have more inspiration to blog and write more often. Anyway, here are some updates on what I did for HulaHoopSingapore.com since last year till to-date.

JULY 2013
Back in July 2013, I enrolled into FISAF Singapore Core Course (The Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness). I joined FISAF because I wanted to be more equipped and be more grounded on fitness area. I learned about the fundamental of Functional Anatomy, Muscle Physiology, Mechanics of movements, Nutrition and I was introduced to many forms of exercises. The 5-day course was really laborious, it involved lots of theory and also physical activities. I was aching all over the very next day the course started. Now you know how unfit I was (heh!) Please find below for some of pictures of me during the course.
I am very proud standing next to a body building champion. Thank you Joan for this lovely picture. After FISAF Core Course, I realized I needed professional help in achieving my fitness goals. I engaged a fitness personal trainer from a reputable gym owned by national body builder champion in Singapore. In the 6 months personal training course, I learned the importance in working out all muscle groups to achieve an enviable body. By the end of the course, I manage to lose about 2kg (not much), but I gained muscles mass and lost quite a percentage of body fats. Not easy, but discipline is definitely an important ingredient. 

"Thank you Joan Liew for this beautiful picture with you. You are a great lady! 
I am very proud standing next to a bodybuilding champion!"
MAY 2014
Fast forward to May 2014, I took a step ahead in this business to venture to China to source for fitness products. Unfortunately, I was too overwhelmed with the products and I didn’t snap pictures with hula hoops found in the exhibition hall. The exhibition hall was massive, my feet ached badly after walking for 6 hours straight (minus lunch break). Nevertheless, I got a shot with some hula hoops I saw outside a sundry shop. This is how common hula hooping is in China. 
Trade fair in ChinaThe exhibition hall was enormous!
Exercise in the hotel gym.Found some hula hoops selling outside a shop.
After returning to Singapore, I participated in Hula Hoop Contest organized by SPH sometime end of May 2014. Guess who won? Not ME! It’s not that I couldn’t hula hoop, that’s just because the hoops they were using are from the toys shop (small and very light). I couldn’t even hoop for a decent 3 seconds. It feels like it’s a free clown show from me, trying my utmost best in twirling the hoop on the stage (embarrassing). I was very hopeful in pocketing the prizes in the beginning… Sigh.… arghhh… anyway, it was a great experience. Here are some pictures taken by my friend. Ok, now you can have a good laugh at them. 
JUNE 2014
In June 2014, I got in some smaller hula hoop samples from Taiwan. These are smaller and lighter hula hoops for small sized users and children. I received quite a number of requests from my customers for good quality kid’s hoops. The ones they get from toys shop will usually get out of shape within a few tries. I manage to engage young testers to help give feedbacks on the hula hoop samples. Thanks to valuable feedbacks and our new range of children-teenage hula hoops are on their way to Singapore! They will be ready by end of July 2014.
Hula hoop tummy exercisehulahoop singapore
And now in July 2014, I am currently working on a new website. Don’t you think HulaHoopSingapore.com needs some friendlier features and a make-over? This current DIY website is not something I am proud of. But, it didn’t stop hula hoop enthusiasts from writing in. Thank you all, for your support! The new website will be launched by end of July 2014 together with new hula hoops models! So, stay tuned!

Sorry for this long write-up. That’s the problem for not writing often enough, ya? If you reached this part, THANK YOU for staying with me. 

Have a wonderful week ahead!