March 03, 2014

Does SIZE really matter?

Does size really matter to you? What do you think? The answer is a resounding YES! I am not referring to how muscular you are, how big your house is or how fat your paycheck it. But, the serving portion of your meal/snacks. For the past few months, I have been trying to reach my pre-wedding weight. It doesn’t really seem far, it’s about 5kg away. Unfortunately, the journey is surely a long and tough one for the little weight I was about to lose. 

I tried assessing my eating habits. 

Am I eating healthy? Yes, I am

Am I exercising regularly? Yes, I am. 3-5 times a week. 

Now, back to basics. How much HEALTHY FOOD do I really eat every day? I munch on nuts instead of chips. Isn’t that healthy? The culprit lies in the portion of serving size. I can eat a "small" bowl of it. Whereas the recommended serving size is just a palm full. A palm full will be about 10-12 small nuts. Frequency, recommended ONCE a day. But, I can munch on the nuts throughout the day! How wrong is that?!!! (*smile)

I lower my carb intake and increase protein in-take. Where is the source of protein? I am a lover of roast pork belly. That’s it. Another culprit that sabotaged my weight loss program. I am consuming more fats than protein. The proportion is not there.

The list can go on. The way food is prepared matters too. Deep fried or air fried makes a difference. Perhaps you may want to take some time to assess your eating habits and serving portion. The simple principle applies, what goes in and what comes out. Less goes in, less comes out. 

Good day!