July 30, 2013

Step up your hula hoop workout

Since we started our online shop last year end, one of the popular hula hoop in our store is WH001 Wavy Foam 1.2kg. I bet by now, you are very used to your hoop. Or even question yourself, "is this hoop working for me???". This is a good sign. This simply means your back, waist, tummy and leg muscles are ready for greater challenge. To encourage the "not-so-newbies" to step up your hula hoop workout, we are offering 20% off on hoops for advanced users (hoops weighing 1.8kg on onwards) and 10% off for intermediate users (hoops weighing 1.4kg - 1.5kg). 

We have a new magnetic hoop (WH003) that provides good massage on your torso. It has big massaging balls, comes with magnet on each massage bumps to improve blood circulation as your twirl. The total weight of the hoop is 1.7kg. This is suitable for advanced users.

If you are bored working out with your single hula hoop, try hooping with different hoop weight and texture. Foam hoops and magnetic hoop is a good match for one working session. Try exercising your arms while hooping. Do tricep/bicep curls with light weight dumbbells (0.5kg -1.0kg) or wrist weights. 

Happy exploring and be creative with your hula hoop workout. 
Good day!