July 16, 2013

Discovering the Next Great Hoop


Hi there!

Want to know what’s next in HulaHooSingapore.com? Let’s take a glimpse of hoops imported for testing. These hoops are directly from Taiwan manufacturers. There are easily 15-20 hula hoops queuing for testing. Can you spot any difference with the existing hoops in HulaHoopSingapore.com?

I get very excited when I see new and creative hula hoop designs in the market. I will get them in for testing if they are good for hula hoop workout. 

In this batch, I got in smaller hoops for children or for smaller built ladies. I have hoops with adjustable weights, that you can add-in or reduce the hoop's weight according to your core muscles strength. From the pictures here, you can see hoops in different sizes, shapes, designs and materials. 

Here are 3 hoops which I find them interesting. First is the "Water Bottle Hoop", with adjustable weight using a water container (first hoop in Picture 1). You can fill water into the blue bottle to adjust the weight to increase the centrifugal force. I am not able to hoop smoothly with this. So, I will strike this hoop out. 

The 2nd creative hoop which I would like to highlight; pink&grey balls hula ring (Picture 1). It claims to help slim down waistline effectively and quickly. Unfortunately, I am not able to twirl for 3 decent rounds. Since I couldn't twirl it, I don't think it's a good choice to bring them in. 

The 3rd hoop I find intriguing; the red&black hoop with wheels (Picture 2). I like how it massages my torso as I twirl with it. The material is hard and strong. Beware if it falls on your toes or any parts of your leg. I tried stopping it from dropping to the floor with my shin… and ouch! And I mean “OUCH!!!”.
Fitness hula hoops
Picture 2. Hula Hoop with Wheels (Red & Black hoop).
equipments for the armsI have also imported some equipments for the arms. I noticed each time I am hula hooping, I would really like to tone up my arms at the same time- “Killing two birds with one stone”. With the same amount of exercising time, I can workout my arms too. I have some wrist weights to help you do bicep & tricep curls without the hassle of carrying dumbbells. Trust me, I like how they help with my arms. 

There are some smaller rings to help tone up arms (in Picture 1) while hooping. They are great tools. 

Ok, that's all for now. Thank you for reading.
Hoops with smaller diameter and different tube sizes
Picture 4. Hoops with smaller diameter and different tube sizes.