Shipping Delay


You must be wondering if the hoops are here. They are suppose to arrive on 20th June, and I am still waiting for the hoops to be transported to my place (today is already 23rd June). The hazy weather is not helping. I was informed that work progress at the port has slowed down tremendously due to the haze. This purchase experience was not very pleasant. I encountered a series of unfortunate events throughout the order, from delayed production to shipping. The good news is, the hoops are now here in Singapore warehouse, waiting to be transferred to my place. 

I must apologise to my dear customers who have ordered WH001WH013 and Arm Hoops. Yes, I know you have been waiting for a long time. The hoops will be arriving my place on 25th June. I will get your hoops ready for delivery on 26th June. I sure hope you get the hoops before the coming weekend. Thank you for your patience and support.

p/s: Stay tune to some new products in this shipment. 
May Lim
May Lim


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