June 15, 2013

New Website

Throughout the months, I received tonnes of emails asking questions regarding hula hoops. Thank you for taking time writing to me and you have spoken for many in your queries. 

I bet there's a need to re-design the website to be more informative. Here are some popular questions, 
  • "I am a beginner, which hula hoop is best for me?"
  • "I want to burn my tummy fats, which is better? Foam hoop or magnetic hoop?"
  • "Where is your shop? I would like to try the hula hoops before purchasing."
  • "Can I exchange other hoops?"
  • "My hoops came off while I was hooping. Can I exchange a new item?" 

For those who have written to me, you can attest that I always promise a reply. If I didn't, please accept my sincere apology. Most likely I have overlooked or the mail went to junk mailbox. I love receiving emails because it's a pleasure to share with others on something in common, which is our interest in hula hooping and believe the rewards we can reap from it. 

In the coming few days, you will see progressive updates on the website. Please bear with me on the changes. I try to make this transition as smooth as possible. 
Oh yes, we will stop the free delivery service in 3 days time, starting next Monday (17th June 2013). There are some items which are out of stock. You can still click and make the purchase. New stocks will be in by 20th June. You will still enjoy free delivery for any purchase made from now until 16th June, 11.59pm.
If you have seen some changes, how do you like the new website? Feel free to write me to provide feedbacks. 
Happy hooping!