September 05, 2014

Too many hoops… CONFUSING???

I have been receiving many emails asking which is the correct hula hoop for them. I guess HulaHoopSingapore is spoiling you with too many hula hoop options. I hope this article helps.

What will you expect to see if you start hula hooping now? You will definitely see a curvier waistline, stronger back and abs. Hula hooping is a great exercising equipment during your busy times, when you are caught up with work, family or bad weather. Hula hooping may be your first step in exercising. It is convenient, and you will love it that you own one at home. You can exercise anywhere and anytime. 5 minutes a day of hula hooping is better than not exercising at all.

Here are some guidelines in selecting a preferred hula hoop. Ask yourself these questions to scope down your ideal hula hoop. Types of Hulahoop


  1. If you are a beginner, ALWAYS start with a lighter hula hoop. Don’t be over ambitious in getting the heaviest hoop just because it’s ON SALE. You will end up injuring yourself. Increase the hoop’s weight gradually. If you do exercise regularly and have quite strong abs, you may start using heavier hula hoops with weight from 1.4kg onwards.  

  2. How tall are you? Ideally, a hula hoop’s diameter should be around your navel area from the ground. If you are 150cm tall (plus minus), a 90cm diameter hula hoop is good for you. If you are taller than 160cm, a hula hoop with diameter of 100cm will be around your navel area. These hula hoop sizes that match your height will give moderate spinning speed

  3. How fast would you like your hula hoop to spin? If you prefer a high impact hula hooping exercise, choosing a smaller hula hoop diameter will help you sweat sooner. Smaller hula hoop will spin faster because it completes a circle quicker compared to a bigger hula hoop. Even if you are tall person, but like moving around fast while hula hooping, select a smaller size hula hoop. Like wise, if you are not-so-tall, you may also use a bigger hoop for a slower twirls. All of our magnetic hoops are in 110cm, which may look big for smaller size adults. You will still be able to spin the hula hoop comfortably despite your height. 

  4. Which is better, WAVY or SMOOTH foam hoops? Both of these hoops are as effective when you exercise in the same way and same speed. They will give you the same result. Choice of the hoop's model depends on your preference. Smooth hoop gives you are smoooooth hula hooping experience. Whereas a wavy hoop provides extra massaging effect around your torso because of the unique waves at the inner side of the hoop.

  5. Should I take MAGNETIC or FOAM hoop? Foam hoops are ALL TIME favorite. It is surrounded with high quality soft foam, which makes landing impact gentler on your torso. Magnetic hoop has magnetic protrusions at the inner side of the hoop that provides massaging effects. Moreover, the magnetic bumps help increase blood circulation. If you are looking for a good massage, magnetic hoop will be nice. Magnetic hoops are also good for users with “flabby” tummies. Trimmer users will find the bumps uncomfortable or even painful.

If you still have more questions about our weighted hula hoop, please write to us at I will be happy to hear from you.