September 26, 2014

When Should I Increase My Hoop’s Weight?

Ever wonder why you don’t see any more improvement on your waistline? You have been working out regularly with your hula hoop, and begin to feel discouraged and think that hula hooping is not for you anymore. Your sign of boredom with hula hooping is a POSITIVE indication that your waistline is ready for greater challenge. Spice up your hula hoop routine by increasing the hoop’s weight or get another new hula hoop texture for a new hooping experience.

Increasing hoop’s weight will tone and build up your core muscles. Increasing muscle mass means burning more fats around your waistline. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Working out with various hula hoop models (mixture of magnetic hoop and foam hoop) will definitely spice up your hula hooping regime. Magnetic hoops have magnetic bumps that increase massaging effects around your waistline. These magnetic bumps increase blood circulation directly on your waistline. Foam hoops has rounder and smaller tube, which helps in defining your waistline. Hoop 5-10 minutes on each hula hoop model, you can easily clock in 15-20 minutes of a great hula hoop workout! Remember to always hoop clock-wise and anti-clockwise. This helps even out muscle tone from both sides of your waist.

Doris and MayI would like to share with you about an inspiring lady I met through Her name is Doris and she's definitely a hula hoop enthusiast. She has been working out with hula hoop for many years. Check out her body. Doris is in her 60’s and still looking GREAT! Her tummy is flat despite having 3 kids. I am very encouraged and inspired with her hula hooping regime. She travels with her hoops too. 

And yes, that’s me with 24 weeks pregnant. Wish I could hula hoop…. I guess not another few months after baby arrives.



Happy hooping!