April 26, 2020


My Defining Moment...What's yours?

Here's a candid photo of mine taken during Chinese New Year in 2019. 
My defining moment is in this photo! It made me realize how much I have grown "horizontally" after having my 4th child. I didn't feel good about it...really, I felt uncomfortable in size and in health.

Since then, I scrutinized my food intake and exercise regime seriously. Trust me, it's 100% effort. 

It is easy to give up when you put so much effort in losing the extra weight, and results are not encouraging. Hang in there. Favorable results is just at the corner. I didn't gain the extra weight over 2 months, but built up over few years .

Keep hooping, keep eating are on the right track. Even though it's slow, but it's guaranteed happy results. Like the saying goes "slowly but surely".












Here's me today at 48kg. 
I will share more with you how hula hooping helps me in my slimming journey in my blog. Stay tuned.

April 19, 2020


Home Workout with Weighted Hoop

I am very thankful to be able to workout at home during Circuit Breaker. My family and I enjoy staying home. However, when once loses freedom to venture out of house freely, it can be stressful. I love my hoops. Stress relieving i View full article →

1 month Slimming Journey with Weighted Hoop

This is my personal weighted hoop exercise for a month. I am happy to drop a few kilograms. It's not rocket science. Mainly about having the right mindset, proper diet and exercise! 

My weight has been climbing up. Trust me, I find it really tough to lose weight as I age. If we can relate, let me encourage you that today will be your first day to lose a few grams (slowly but surely). It starts from your heart and mind. Once you are determined to lose to your desired weight, go for it! 

Don't be discouraged if you don't see any results for first 2 weeks. That doesn't mean your body is not changing internally. My weight remained the same for 2 - 3 weeks. But, I could feel my muscles are firmer and in no time, I notice my pants are easier to slide into my thighs > butt > tummy! 

Let's journey with me to reach my ideal weight of 45kg. I hope you feel encouraged with my simple video below. Needless to say, I am a work in progress. Another 5kg to lose! 

Confession: Since I lost 4kg in a month, I was quite relaxed with my diet. My weight remained at 49.5kg - 50.5kg now. Looks like I have to be more careful with my food intake and continue hooping (of course!). And surely hope to upload another video of me from 49.5kg to 47kg. And then another photo from 47kg to 45kg! 

Happy hooping!

May Lim


May 07, 2019


Hula hooping after morning run

I had a wonderful morning run. 
Before cooling down, I love hula hooping for about 5-10 minutes. It's really a great warm-down exercise. During run, my heart rate is about 140 beats per minute (plus minus). While hooping, my heart rate is about 110 beats per minute (plus minus). So, before going straight to stretching after my run, i will just hoop for short 5-10 minutes. Yay! 


March 19, 2019


New videos on how to hoop.

How to hula hoop video takingI have finally uploaded videos on how to do hula hoop. It was 12pm in the noon, under scorching hot sun! That's the best wefie during this video and photoshoot. 
I have many customers telling me how worried they are for not being able to hoop. 
First, you have to get yourself an adult fitness hoop. Those selling in toys shops remain as toys. Our hoops are purely for fitness purposes. 
By far, hula hoop is the best exercise equipment for our waistline and abs. Get hold of one to diversify your workout. 

Here are the videos on how to hoop. 

1) How to hoop with both legs standing shoulder width apart.
2) How to hoop with one leg in front
3) How to use Arm Hoops to firm up your upper back and shoulders. 
4) See muscle movements with Arm Hoops!


Happy hooping!

April 05, 2018


Wonderful Home Workout with Hula Hoop

Running out of ideas on home exercise? Try hula hooping.
Owning a hula hoop is one of the best thing you can have in your store room or under your bed. It doesn't take much space. Whenever you feel like it, whenever your time permits, bring the hoop out and have a happy jolly twirling time. 
Many swear by just hooping 5 minutes a day, you will see a trimmer waistline and flatter tummy. How ideal is that? 

Let's checkout how you can exercise with fitness hula hoop at home in the following video...

December 15, 2017


Warehouse and Shipping Headaches Solved!

Owning an online business seems like the ideal way to go nowadays. You can work from home, work on your free time and money still comes in while you are asleep! How wonderful is that? Trust me, it comes with a whole lot of headaches too. The biggest headache for me would be… the warehousing and shipping services. Anyway, I am very pleased to engage Spaceship to warehouse our products and providing us with shipping services. Such a blessing to have found them. It’s been a pleasure working with an efficient and friendly team. They have been helping us delivering our orders to customers in timely manner. So glad we finally got a company that can handle both warehousing and shipping all in a button click away. Their online scheduling for delivery is really cool. It makes our order delivery hassle free! always strive to provide best price and services to help with your waistline trimming and slimming! With Spaceship’s help, all just fall into place very nicely. I hope you feel the same way too.

Christmas is coming. Watch out for our coming Christmas deals!



November 23, 2017


Black Friday Sale, Grab your Hoops Now at Incredible Price! 

Black Friday is coming in less than 2 hours. 
When the clock strikes 12:01am , 24th November. All our items will be at 50% off (except value packs).

What so special about our hoops? I am proud to boast that our hoop's quality is superb! They are strictly for fitness purpose. These hoops are weighted and adults will find it extremely easy to pick-up hooping skills. Trust me, don't worry if you haven't tried hooping before this. Get one and start hooping. You will be happy you did.
To add on, our hoop materials are environmental friendly.

Our hoops will be at 50% off on Black Friday. It's really great deal. You will never ever ever find this deal ever again! I assure you, these hoops will never ever be at 50% off ever again after 24th November. Grab one now!

October 27, 2017


Hoop Exercise Lesson

Our Arm Hoops and new hula hoop models are here in Singapore! 
Feel free to drop by Suntec outlet to check them out.
Scissors Paper Stone, 3 Temasek Boulevard, #03-359A, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983 (located in Tower 3).


We are going to conduct Hoop Exercise lesson in Singapore and Malaysia soon. We received numerous enquiries from our customers about hooping class. We are in the midst of planning. Please write to me directly at if you are interested to receive more information about it. It will be an hour lesson and we will conduct 1(one) lesson for this time. We will look into weekly lessons if there's a need arise.

We have the dates, but timing and venue is not confirmed. 
1) Singapore : 1st and 2nd December 2017
2) Kuala Lumpur : 8th and 9th December 2017


Happy hooping!

September 30, 2017


New Products Coming!

It's been awhile since I updated my blog. Business journey was not easy for me since I had my 4th child in 2015. Too much energy were sucked out from me (hah!).
I received many emails requesting for more hoops, hula hoop lessons and arm hoops. I am happy to inform that new hoops are coming in! They are expected to arrive by 25th October. 

Another milestone which HulaHoopSingapore to be proud of is, we are getting our own packaging and our brand printed on the hoops (yay!). The selection of  new hoops are based on feedbacks from our customers. 
I hope you will be happy with our new selection of hoops. 

I am also in the midst of arranging with an instructor to conduct hula hoop classes in Singapore and Malaysia. Please watch out for more info from our Facebook when we make announcement on hula hoop lessons. 

Ok, that's all for now.
Keep you posted again soon. 


May Lim
30th September 2017

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