July 30, 2013


Step up your hula hoop workout

Since we started our online shop last year end, one of the popular hula hoop in our store is WH001 Wavy Foam 1.2kg. I bet by now, you are very used to your hoop. Or even question yourself, "is this hoop working for me???". This is a good sign. This simply means your back, waist, tummy and leg muscles are ready for greater challenge. To encourage the "not-so-newbies" to step up your hula hoop workout, we are offering 20% off on hoops for advanced users (hoops weighing 1.8kg on onwards) and 10% off for intermediate users (hoops weighing 1.4kg - 1.5kg). 

We have a new magnetic hoop (WH003) that provides good massage on your torso. It has big massaging balls, comes with magnet on each massage bumps to improve blood circulation as your twirl. The total weight of the hoop is 1.7kg. This is suitable for advanced users.

If you are bored working out with your single hula hoop, try hooping with different hoop weight and texture. Foam hoops and magnetic hoop is a good match for one working session. Try exercising your arms while hooping. Do tricep/bicep curls with light weight dumbbells (0.5kg -1.0kg) or wrist weights. 

Happy exploring and be creative with your hula hoop workout. 
Good day!

July 16, 2013


Discovering the Next Great Hoop


Hi there!

Want to know what’s next in HulaHooSingapore.com? Let’s take a glimpse of hoops imported for testing. These hoops are directly from Taiwan manufacturers. There are easily 15-20 hula hoops queuing for testing. Can you spot any difference with the existing hoops in HulaHoopSingapore.com?

I get very excited when I see new and creative hula hoop designs in the market. I will get them in for testing if they are good for hula hoop workout. 

In this batch, I got in smaller hoops for children or for smaller built ladies. I have hoops with adjustable weights, that you can add-in or reduce the hoop's weight according to your core muscles strength. From the pictures here, you can see hoops in different sizes, shapes, designs and materials. 

Here are 3 hoops which I find them interesting. First is the "Water Bottle Hoop", with adjustable weight using a water container (first hoop in Picture 1). You can fill water into the blue bottle to adjust the weight to increase the centrifugal force. I am not able to hoop smoothly with this. So, I will strike this hoop out. 

The 2nd creative hoop which I would like to highlight; pink&grey balls hula ring (Picture 1). It claims to help slim down waistline effectively and quickly. Unfortunately, I am not able to twirl for 3 decent rounds. Since I couldn't twirl it, I don't think it's a good choice to bring them in. 

The 3rd hoop I find intriguing; the red&black hoop with wheels (Picture 2). I like how it massages my torso as I twirl with it. The material is hard and strong. Beware if it falls on your toes or any parts of your leg. I tried stopping it from dropping to the floor with my shin… and ouch! And I mean “OUCH!!!”.
Fitness hula hoops
Picture 2. Hula Hoop with Wheels (Red & Black hoop).
equipments for the armsI have also imported some equipments for the arms. I noticed each time I am hula hooping, I would really like to tone up my arms at the same time- “Killing two birds with one stone”. With the same amount of exercising time, I can workout my arms too. I have some wrist weights to help you do bicep & tricep curls without the hassle of carrying dumbbells. Trust me, I like how they help with my arms. 

There are some smaller rings to help tone up arms (in Picture 1) while hooping. They are great tools. 

Ok, that's all for now. Thank you for reading.
Hoops with smaller diameter and different tube sizes
Picture 4. Hoops with smaller diameter and different tube sizes.
June 25, 2013


Seal with a kiss...

Hulahoop for healthy lifestyleAll the hoops arrived yesterday late noon. What a big relief off my shoulders. 

Look at all the parcels. All wrapped and labelled in high-speed. I hope you don't mind the wrapping. I just want to get them shipped out TODAY, 25th June. I hope you all get your hoops before the weekend. 

To those who have ordered, start counting down today for the arrival of your hoop. 
To those who are still planning to purchase a hoop, worry not about delay delivery. All products are here now in Singapore. All orders will be delivered within 2-3 days.... as usual.

If the haze catches us again (I hope not!), you need not skip your exercise regime. You can stay indoor and have jolly hoopie time!

I better get ready to the post office to send these parcels.
June 23, 2013


Shipping Delay


You must be wondering if the hoops are here. They are suppose to arrive on 20th June, and I am still waiting for the hoops to be transported to my place (today is already 23rd June). The hazy weather is not helping. I was informed that work progress at the port has slowed down tremendously due to the haze. This purchase experience was not very pleasant. I encountered a series of unfortunate events throughout the order, from delayed production to shipping. The good news is, the hoops are now here in Singapore warehouse, waiting to be transferred to my place. 

I must apologise to my dear customers who have ordered WH001WH013 and Arm Hoops. Yes, I know you have been waiting for a long time. The hoops will be arriving my place on 25th June. I will get your hoops ready for delivery on 26th June. I sure hope you get the hoops before the coming weekend. Thank you for your patience and support.

p/s: Stay tune to some new products in this shipment. 
June 15, 2013


New Website

Throughout the months, I received tonnes of emails asking questions regarding hula hoops. Thank you for taking time writing to me and you have spoken for many in your queries. 

I bet there's a need to re-design the website to be more informative. Here are some popular questions, 
  • "I am a beginner, which hula hoop is best for me?"
  • "I want to burn my tummy fats, which is better? Foam hoop or magnetic hoop?"
  • "Where is your shop? I would like to try the hula hoops before purchasing."
  • "Can I exchange other hoops?"
  • "My hoops came off while I was hooping. Can I exchange a new item?" 

For those who have written to me, you can attest that I always promise a reply. If I didn't, please accept my sincere apology. Most likely I have overlooked or the mail went to junk mailbox. I love receiving emails because it's a pleasure to share with others on something in common, which is our interest in hula hooping and believe the rewards we can reap from it. 

In the coming few days, you will see progressive updates on the website. Please bear with me on the changes. I try to make this transition as smooth as possible. 
Oh yes, we will stop the free delivery service in 3 days time, starting next Monday (17th June 2013). There are some items which are out of stock. You can still click and make the purchase. New stocks will be in by 20th June. You will still enjoy free delivery for any purchase made from now until 16th June, 11.59pm.
If you have seen some changes, how do you like the new website? Feel free to write me to provide feedbacks. 
Happy hooping!
January 23, 2013


Hula Hooping with Different Weights in 1 Workout Session

Do you know working out with different hula hoop weights and textures makes workout more interesting? 
Here are some workout tips:

Warm up (3 minutes): 

1)      Do some stretches on your legs, hands and waist. 
2)      Start with lighter hula hoop (e.g. WH001 Wavy Foam Hoop, 1.2kg).
3)      Twirl hoop from left for 1.5 minutes.
4)      Twirl hoop from right for 1.5 minutes. 

Workout (5 minutes):
5)      Switch to heavier hula hoop (e.g WH002 Magnetic Hoop, 1.45kg)
6)      Twirl hoop to the left for 1.25 minutes.
7)      Twirl hoop to the right for 1.25 minutes
8)      Repeat step 6 & 7. 

Warm down (3 minutes):
9)      Switch back to lighter hula hoop to warm down.
10)  Repeat step 3 & 4. 

There you go, you have completed 11 minutes hula hoop workout session. 
Well done!

Be creative with hula hoop weight combinations, depending on your core muscles strength. As for myself, I like working out first with WH002 Magnetic Hoop 1.45kg, then move to WH020 Wavy Foam Hoop 1.8kg. Finally, warm down with WH005 Magnetic Hoop 1.1kg

Here are some are some weight combinations you would like to try:
1)      WH005 Magnetic Hoop 1.1kg >> WH001 >> Wavy Foam Hoop 1.2kg >> WH005 Magnetic Hoop 1.1kg
2)      WH001 Wavy Foam Hoop 1.2kg >> WH002 Magnetic Hoop 1.45kg >> WH001 Wavy Foam Hoop 1.2kg
3)      WH002 Magnetic Hoop 1.45kg >> WH020 Wavy Foam Hoop 1.8kg >> WH005 Magnetic Hoop 1.1kg (my favorite combination that ends with great massage!)
4)      Create one yourself (*smile).
January 09, 2013


New to Blogging

Hi all,

Thank you for visiting my blog. I have a confession, I am not an avid blogger. In fact this is my VERY FIRST blog site. I have been procrastinating blogging for many many months, since launching this website. Oh yes, that's a long time, I know. Well, I find that if I don't share with you my hula hoop adventure, no one will appreciate this wonderful, fun and easy exercise.

Lately, I have been actively searching, importing (samples only) and testing new hula hoops. You will be surprised there are many more hula hoops out there with "out-of-the-world" designs, shapes, mechanisms, materials and sizes. Have you seen hula hoop that doesn't come in circle? Trust me, there is. One day, I will post all my sample hula hoops online (fingers cross). I must say, not all make it to the "Online Shop" here. 

I have many plans for HulaHoopSingapore.com. For example, 
1) Recruiting volunteers to help out with new hula hoops testings
2) Compile and share new hula hoop exercise steps 
3) Intend to give out FREE hula hoops quarterly for our facebook fans
4) Have a friendly competition on who can hula hoop the longest. I got this idea from a facebook fan. If I remember her name correctly, she is Stephanie (thanks Steph for sharing).
5) Organize a flash mob hula hoop performance at Raffles place 
6) (Ideas will keep coming from you too, please share your ideas).

Yup, that's all I have in mind. Listing them out will help you police me to make them come true. Please share with me if you have any good ideas on how to keep this website lively and interesting for all of us. One thing we have in common, that is we are all hula hoop enthusiasts!

That's all for now.
Have a wonderful day!

May Lim