January 09, 2017


Do I Still Have Time?

Do I still have time to lose another inch on my waistline for coming Chinese New Year? We have another 2.5 weeks to go and I am pressured to trim my waistline further to fit nicely in my new cheongsam. Well, I guess I have to keep hooping! 

Do I still have time to lose another inch ?Here's a picture of my 4th child. My previous blog post was 2.5 years ago. My pregnancy journey with baby Kristen was a rough one. Having said that, being the mummy to my 4 beautiful kids is one of my greatest joy.

We have new value packs to help expedite tummy trimming. Check out our Tummy-Trim Packs that comes with with Slimming Waistband at 50% OFF! This is no ordinary waistband, it comes with special natural minerals to help increase blood circulation and helps in fats burning. 


We will be out of town for Chinese New Year for 5 days (26-31 January). Hence, there won't be any delivery services until we return to Singapore. 

I wish you Happy Chinese New Year!   

September 26, 2014


When Should I Increase My Hoop’s Weight?

Ever wonder why you don’t see any more improvement on your waistline? You have been working out regularly with your hula hoop, and begin to feel discouraged and think that hula hooping is not for you anymore. Your sign of boredom with hula hooping is a POSITIVE indication that your waistline is ready for greater challenge. Spice up your hula hoop routine by increasing the hoop’s weight or get another new hula hoop texture for a new hooping experience.

Increasing hoop’s weight will tone and build up your core muscles. Increasing muscle mass means burning more fats around your waistline. Sounds great, isn’t it?

Working out with various hula hoop models (mixture of magnetic hoop and foam hoop) will definitely spice up your hula hooping regime. Magnetic hoops have magnetic bumps that increase massaging effects around your waistline. These magnetic bumps increase blood circulation directly on your waistline. Foam hoops has rounder and smaller tube, which helps in defining your waistline. Hoop 5-10 minutes on each hula hoop model, you can easily clock in 15-20 minutes of a great hula hoop workout! Remember to always hoop clock-wise and anti-clockwise. This helps even out muscle tone from both sides of your waist.

Doris and MayI would like to share with you about an inspiring lady I met through Her name is Doris and she's definitely a hula hoop enthusiast. She has been working out with hula hoop for many years. Check out her body. Doris is in her 60’s and still looking GREAT! Her tummy is flat despite having 3 kids. I am very encouraged and inspired with her hula hooping regime. She travels with her hoops too. 

And yes, that’s me with 24 weeks pregnant. Wish I could hula hoop…. I guess not another few months after baby arrives.



Happy hooping!


Too many hoops… CONFUSING???

I have been receiving many emails asking which is the correct hula hoop for them. I guess HulaHoopSingapore is spoiling you with too many hula hoop options. I hope this article helps.

What will you expect to see if you start hula hooping now? You will definitely see a curvier waistline, stronger back and abs. Hula hooping is a great exercising equipment during your busy times, when you are caught up with work, family or bad weather. Hula hooping may be your first step in exercising. It is convenient, and you will love it that you own one at home. You can exercise anywhere and anytime. 5 minutes a day of hula hooping is better than not exercising at all.

Here are some guidelines in selecting a preferred hula hoop. Ask yourself these questions to scope down your ideal hula hoop. Types of Hulahoop


  1. If you are a beginner, ALWAYS start with a lighter hula hoop. Don’t be over ambitious in getting the heaviest hoop just because it’s ON SALE. You will end up injuring yourself. Increase the hoop’s weight gradually. If you do exercise regularly and have quite strong abs, you may start using heavier hula hoops with weight from 1.4kg onwards.  

  2. How tall are you? Ideally, a hula hoop’s diameter should be around your navel area from the ground. If you are 150cm tall (plus minus), a 90cm diameter hula hoop is good for you. If you are taller than 160cm, a hula hoop with diameter of 100cm will be around your navel area. These hula hoop sizes that match your height will give moderate spinning speed

  3. How fast would you like your hula hoop to spin? If you prefer a high impact hula hooping exercise, choosing a smaller hula hoop diameter will help you sweat sooner. Smaller hula hoop will spin faster because it completes a circle quicker compared to a bigger hula hoop. Even if you are tall person, but like moving around fast while hula hooping, select a smaller size hula hoop. Like wise, if you are not-so-tall, you may also use a bigger hoop for a slower twirls. All of our magnetic hoops are in 110cm, which may look big for smaller size adults. You will still be able to spin the hula hoop comfortably despite your height. 

  4. Which is better, WAVY or SMOOTH foam hoops? Both of these hoops are as effective when you exercise in the same way and same speed. They will give you the same result. Choice of the hoop's model depends on your preference. Smooth hoop gives you are smoooooth hula hooping experience. Whereas a wavy hoop provides extra massaging effect around your torso because of the unique waves at the inner side of the hoop.

  5. Should I take MAGNETIC or FOAM hoop? Foam hoops are ALL TIME favorite. It is surrounded with high quality soft foam, which makes landing impact gentler on your torso. Magnetic hoop has magnetic protrusions at the inner side of the hoop that provides massaging effects. Moreover, the magnetic bumps help increase blood circulation. If you are looking for a good massage, magnetic hoop will be nice. Magnetic hoops are also good for users with “flabby” tummies. Trimmer users will find the bumps uncomfortable or even painful.

If you still have more questions about our weighted hula hoop, please write to us at I will be happy to hear from you. 


July 16, 2014


Lotsa Catch Up To Do!

Hi again! 

It didn’t occur to me that I haven’t been writing on this blog… UNTIL I received an email from a hula hoop enthusiast. I felt the pinch when she referred to my blog dated in 2013 (seems so long). So, looks like we have some catch up to do here. I wish I have more inspiration to blog and write more often. Anyway, here are some updates on what I did for since last year till to-date.

JULY 2013
Back in July 2013, I enrolled into FISAF Singapore Core Course (The Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness). I joined FISAF because I wanted to be more equipped and be more grounded on fitness area. I learned about the fundamental of Functional Anatomy, Muscle Physiology, Mechanics of movements, Nutrition and I was introduced to many forms of exercises. The 5-day course was really laborious, it involved lots of theory and also physical activities. I was aching all over the very next day the course started. Now you know how unfit I was (heh!) Please find below for some of pictures of me during the course.
I am very proud standing next to a body building champion. Thank you Joan for this lovely picture. After FISAF Core Course, I realized I needed professional help in achieving my fitness goals. I engaged a fitness personal trainer from a reputable gym owned by national body builder champion in Singapore. In the 6 months personal training course, I learned the importance in working out all muscle groups to achieve an enviable body. By the end of the course, I manage to lose about 2kg (not much), but I gained muscles mass and lost quite a percentage of body fats. Not easy, but discipline is definitely an important ingredient. 

"Thank you Joan Liew for this beautiful picture with you. You are a great lady! 
I am very proud standing next to a bodybuilding champion!"
MAY 2014
Fast forward to May 2014, I took a step ahead in this business to venture to China to source for fitness products. Unfortunately, I was too overwhelmed with the products and I didn’t snap pictures with hula hoops found in the exhibition hall. The exhibition hall was massive, my feet ached badly after walking for 6 hours straight (minus lunch break). Nevertheless, I got a shot with some hula hoops I saw outside a sundry shop. This is how common hula hooping is in China. 
Trade fair in ChinaThe exhibition hall was enormous!
Exercise in the hotel gym.Found some hula hoops selling outside a shop.
After returning to Singapore, I participated in Hula Hoop Contest organized by SPH sometime end of May 2014. Guess who won? Not ME! It’s not that I couldn’t hula hoop, that’s just because the hoops they were using are from the toys shop (small and very light). I couldn’t even hoop for a decent 3 seconds. It feels like it’s a free clown show from me, trying my utmost best in twirling the hoop on the stage (embarrassing). I was very hopeful in pocketing the prizes in the beginning… Sigh.… arghhh… anyway, it was a great experience. Here are some pictures taken by my friend. Ok, now you can have a good laugh at them. 
JUNE 2014
In June 2014, I got in some smaller hula hoop samples from Taiwan. These are smaller and lighter hula hoops for small sized users and children. I received quite a number of requests from my customers for good quality kid’s hoops. The ones they get from toys shop will usually get out of shape within a few tries. I manage to engage young testers to help give feedbacks on the hula hoop samples. Thanks to valuable feedbacks and our new range of children-teenage hula hoops are on their way to Singapore! They will be ready by end of July 2014.
Hula hoop tummy exercisehulahoop singapore
And now in July 2014, I am currently working on a new website. Don’t you think needs some friendlier features and a make-over? This current DIY website is not something I am proud of. But, it didn’t stop hula hoop enthusiasts from writing in. Thank you all, for your support! The new website will be launched by end of July 2014 together with new hula hoops models! So, stay tuned!

Sorry for this long write-up. That’s the problem for not writing often enough, ya? If you reached this part, THANK YOU for staying with me. 

Have a wonderful week ahead!
March 03, 2014


Does SIZE really matter?

Does size really matter to you? What do you think? The answer is a resounding YES! I am not referring to how muscular you are, how big your house is or how fat your paycheck it. But, the serving portion of your meal/snacks. For the past few months, I have been trying to reach my pre-wedding weight. It doesn’t really seem far, it’s about 5kg away. Unfortunately, the journey is surely a long and tough one for the little weight I was about to lose. 

I tried assessing my eating habits. 

Am I eating healthy? Yes, I am

Am I exercising regularly? Yes, I am. 3-5 times a week. 

Now, back to basics. How much HEALTHY FOOD do I really eat every day? I munch on nuts instead of chips. Isn’t that healthy? The culprit lies in the portion of serving size. I can eat a "small" bowl of it. Whereas the recommended serving size is just a palm full. A palm full will be about 10-12 small nuts. Frequency, recommended ONCE a day. But, I can munch on the nuts throughout the day! How wrong is that?!!! (*smile)

I lower my carb intake and increase protein in-take. Where is the source of protein? I am a lover of roast pork belly. That’s it. Another culprit that sabotaged my weight loss program. I am consuming more fats than protein. The proportion is not there.

The list can go on. The way food is prepared matters too. Deep fried or air fried makes a difference. Perhaps you may want to take some time to assess your eating habits and serving portion. The simple principle applies, what goes in and what comes out. Less goes in, less comes out. 

Good day!  

July 30, 2013


Step up your hula hoop workout

Since we started our online shop last year end, one of the popular hula hoop in our store is WH001 Wavy Foam 1.2kg. I bet by now, you are very used to your hoop. Or even question yourself, "is this hoop working for me???". This is a good sign. This simply means your back, waist, tummy and leg muscles are ready for greater challenge. To encourage the "not-so-newbies" to step up your hula hoop workout, we are offering 20% off on hoops for advanced users (hoops weighing 1.8kg on onwards) and 10% off for intermediate users (hoops weighing 1.4kg - 1.5kg). 

We have a new magnetic hoop (WH003) that provides good massage on your torso. It has big massaging balls, comes with magnet on each massage bumps to improve blood circulation as your twirl. The total weight of the hoop is 1.7kg. This is suitable for advanced users.

If you are bored working out with your single hula hoop, try hooping with different hoop weight and texture. Foam hoops and magnetic hoop is a good match for one working session. Try exercising your arms while hooping. Do tricep/bicep curls with light weight dumbbells (0.5kg -1.0kg) or wrist weights. 

Happy exploring and be creative with your hula hoop workout. 
Good day!

July 16, 2013


Discovering the Next Great Hoop


Hi there!

Want to know what’s next in Let’s take a glimpse of hoops imported for testing. These hoops are directly from Taiwan manufacturers. There are easily 15-20 hula hoops queuing for testing. Can you spot any difference with the existing hoops in

I get very excited when I see new and creative hula hoop designs in the market. I will get them in for testing if they are good for hula hoop workout. 

In this batch, I got in smaller hoops for children or for smaller built ladies. I have hoops with adjustable weights, that you can add-in or reduce the hoop's weight according to your core muscles strength. From the pictures here, you can see hoops in different sizes, shapes, designs and materials. 

Here are 3 hoops which I find them interesting. First is the "Water Bottle Hoop", with adjustable weight using a water container (first hoop in Picture 1). You can fill water into the blue bottle to adjust the weight to increase the centrifugal force. I am not able to hoop smoothly with this. So, I will strike this hoop out. 

The 2nd creative hoop which I would like to highlight; pink&grey balls hula ring (Picture 1). It claims to help slim down waistline effectively and quickly. Unfortunately, I am not able to twirl for 3 decent rounds. Since I couldn't twirl it, I don't think it's a good choice to bring them in. 

The 3rd hoop I find intriguing; the red&black hoop with wheels (Picture 2). I like how it massages my torso as I twirl with it. The material is hard and strong. Beware if it falls on your toes or any parts of your leg. I tried stopping it from dropping to the floor with my shin… and ouch! And I mean “OUCH!!!”.
Fitness hula hoops
Picture 2. Hula Hoop with Wheels (Red & Black hoop).
equipments for the armsI have also imported some equipments for the arms. I noticed each time I am hula hooping, I would really like to tone up my arms at the same time- “Killing two birds with one stone”. With the same amount of exercising time, I can workout my arms too. I have some wrist weights to help you do bicep & tricep curls without the hassle of carrying dumbbells. Trust me, I like how they help with my arms. 

There are some smaller rings to help tone up arms (in Picture 1) while hooping. They are great tools. 

Ok, that's all for now. Thank you for reading.
Hoops with smaller diameter and different tube sizes
Picture 4. Hoops with smaller diameter and different tube sizes.
June 25, 2013


Seal with a kiss...

Hulahoop for healthy lifestyleAll the hoops arrived yesterday late noon. What a big relief off my shoulders. 

Look at all the parcels. All wrapped and labelled in high-speed. I hope you don't mind the wrapping. I just want to get them shipped out TODAY, 25th June. I hope you all get your hoops before the weekend. 

To those who have ordered, start counting down today for the arrival of your hoop. 
To those who are still planning to purchase a hoop, worry not about delay delivery. All products are here now in Singapore. All orders will be delivered within 2-3 days.... as usual.

If the haze catches us again (I hope not!), you need not skip your exercise regime. You can stay indoor and have jolly hoopie time!

I better get ready to the post office to send these parcels.
June 23, 2013


Shipping Delay


You must be wondering if the hoops are here. They are suppose to arrive on 20th June, and I am still waiting for the hoops to be transported to my place (today is already 23rd June). The hazy weather is not helping. I was informed that work progress at the port has slowed down tremendously due to the haze. This purchase experience was not very pleasant. I encountered a series of unfortunate events throughout the order, from delayed production to shipping. The good news is, the hoops are now here in Singapore warehouse, waiting to be transferred to my place. 

I must apologise to my dear customers who have ordered WH001WH013 and Arm Hoops. Yes, I know you have been waiting for a long time. The hoops will be arriving my place on 25th June. I will get your hoops ready for delivery on 26th June. I sure hope you get the hoops before the coming weekend. Thank you for your patience and support.

p/s: Stay tune to some new products in this shipment. 
June 15, 2013


New Website

Throughout the months, I received tonnes of emails asking questions regarding hula hoops. Thank you for taking time writing to me and you have spoken for many in your queries. 

I bet there's a need to re-design the website to be more informative. Here are some popular questions, 
  • "I am a beginner, which hula hoop is best for me?"
  • "I want to burn my tummy fats, which is better? Foam hoop or magnetic hoop?"
  • "Where is your shop? I would like to try the hula hoops before purchasing."
  • "Can I exchange other hoops?"
  • "My hoops came off while I was hooping. Can I exchange a new item?" 

For those who have written to me, you can attest that I always promise a reply. If I didn't, please accept my sincere apology. Most likely I have overlooked or the mail went to junk mailbox. I love receiving emails because it's a pleasure to share with others on something in common, which is our interest in hula hooping and believe the rewards we can reap from it. 

In the coming few days, you will see progressive updates on the website. Please bear with me on the changes. I try to make this transition as smooth as possible. 
Oh yes, we will stop the free delivery service in 3 days time, starting next Monday (17th June 2013). There are some items which are out of stock. You can still click and make the purchase. New stocks will be in by 20th June. You will still enjoy free delivery for any purchase made from now until 16th June, 11.59pm.
If you have seen some changes, how do you like the new website? Feel free to write me to provide feedbacks. 
Happy hooping!